First offense OUI DUI Massachusetts

First (1st) Offense OUI / DUI in Massachusetts

For most people charged with DUI, it will be your first time being arrested. I understand you are fearful about what may happen to you. Take a look at my site dealing with the criminal process to get an overview of what you can expect to happen.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a criminal offense in Massachusetts. If you are found guilty, or plea guilty, you will have a criminal record. For many people, this can cause significant concerns for their job and career. Certain professions have particular difficulty with OUI convictions including law enforcement/military, teachers, anyone who drivers for a living, and regulated professions such as lawyers, nurses, doctors, etc.


If you are found guilty or plea to a First offense OUI, you face mandatory punishments including:

Standard First Offense DWI

Fines: $500 - $5,000

Jail: up to 2.5 years

License Suspension:1 year suspension.

Alternative Disposition (24D): Mandatory 16 week alcohol drug education; 1 year probation; license suspension 45-90 days (210 day suspension if under the age of 21).

There is an additional 6 month loss of license (2 years if you are under 21) if you have refused the breath or blood test.

You may be eligible for a hardship license, but not while under suspension for a refusal.


Collateral Consequences

Other consequences besides those mandatory penalties include increased insurance, court costs, reinstatement fees, immigration consequences, difficulty traveling abroad, especially Canada, and other things that go along with having a criminal record (such as potentially affecting your right to possess a firearm).

Out of State drivers: If you are found guilty of OUI in Massachusetts, Massachusetts will suspend your privilege to drive in MA. However, they cannot take your driver's license. They will, however, send the conviction to the national database. The State where you have your license will likely found out about it and take action against you. Most states will impose the same loss of license as MA, but some states treat it as if it happened in that state and will give a higher loss of license (Connecticut is usually an example of a State that does that).

If you have a CDL license you will lose it for 1 year for a first offense OUI.

Speak with a qualified OUI Attorney before accepting any plea offer. Once you accept a plea, it is generally impossible to change your mind after having "buyer's remorse".